Assistant & Jr. StylistSr. Stylist & Master Stylist
Men's Services
Men's Hair Design$15 - $30$30 - $50

Includes cut, style, beard & mustache shaping.

Just for Fun$25 and up

Restore Natural Color to graying hair. We can add a little or a lot!

Color Combing$30 and up

With one of our specialty tools, we will strategically place color only where you are graying the most.

Color Wash$50 and up

A sheer, natural looking color is applied all over for a natural look; will gradually shampoo away in 4-5 weeks.

Cover it All$60 and up

Hide the gray with a more permanent color that does not fade; requires a touch-up every 4-6 weeks.

Men's Hand Detailing30 minutes, $1660 minutes, $55

Grooming at its best! Includes a relaxing massage, cuticle clean up and moisturizing, nail trim and buff for a natural finish.

Men's Foot Detailing45 minutes, $33

Perfect for the athlete, or just to relax! Soak privately, in our pedispa of warm, massaging jets. Includes trimming, sloughing, and a soothing massage for feet and calves.

Skin and Body Care
Swedish Massage50 minutes, $8580 minutes, $110

A traditional form of massage intended to promote relaxation, enhance circulation to the tissues, as well as relieve muscle pain and tension, improve flexibility, and stimulate blood flow to flush out toxins. The type of massage is recommended for your first experience.

Deep Tissue Massage50 minutes, $8580 minutes, $125

A form of therapeutic bodywork developed to penetrate deep into the muscle tissue. This intense indulgence can relieve nerve impingement, restore proper body alignment, and increase range of motion and elasticity. See our Massage page for other body treatment options.

Gentleman's Facial60 minutes, $75

Deep clean your skin and soothe irritation caused by sports and shaving. Fights free radical damage due to the environment. Recommended for congested, sun damaged, oily, dry, or sensitive skin types.


Treat him to a Gift Certificate for any service, or any combination of relaxing treatments. Create your certificate online, and print or email it to him.


   Cancellations: Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to a single service, and 48 hours prior to multiple services appointments to cancel.  Less than this may require a charge for the scheduled services.  Should you have a gift certificate with us, and you do not show up for a scheduled service, without cancelling within these parameters, the amount of your missed service appointment will be deducted from you gift certificate.