Every Tuesday at salon laurie is training day. We have an educational program for our new stylists providing continuous education, so that they may grow to master all aspects of hairdressing. Our educational department is about building careers and changing lives. Our Apprentices provide all aspects of hair design.

Men and women are invited to participate as models. Each training session is supervised by a master stylist. We are always looking for models for these sessions. This is a great way to receive top-notch services at incredible prices. Haircuts are from $25, color/texture services are from $30. If you are interested in being a model, please call and ask our salon coordinator for an appointment, or stop by for a brief consultation.

Our hair department consists of Assistants, Jr. Stylists, Sr. Stylists, and Master Stylists. Service Prices vary depending on the level of stylist that you visit and complexity of work. All stylists providing services have reached a level of excellence in each skill before being certified to perform those services.  All prices are quoted from a "begins at" manner, and can be higher. 

 Assistant / Jr. StylistSenior / Master Stylist
Blow dry/Hair Styling$22 - $35$40 - $50
Flat Ironing w/ blow dryadditional $10additional $15
Updo/event styling$50 - $75$70 - $85
Bridal$65 - $80$75 - $90
Women's$35 - $65$65- $100
Men's$25 - $40$40 - $50
* Children (under 10)$20 - $35$40- $50
* Children's haricuts can be equally as involved as an adult's. Some children have as much hair as an adult, and, the finished product can be as involved, thus, the price may be equal to an adult's service.
In-between bang trimscomplimentary, call for an appointment
Single Process$50- $65$65 - $80
Multi-dimensional (baliage, paneling, blocking)$60 - $100$100- $175 Consultation suggested
Corrective---Consultation required
Partial Highlights$50 - $85$85 - $125
Full Highlights$75 - $125$125 - $200
Texture Treatments
Conventional, 1st time$65 - $80$85 - $135
Conventional, touch-up$50 - $65$80 - $110
State-of-Art Smoothing Treatmentbegin at $225 for all stylists, and go up, due to amount of hair
Japanese Straightening

Consultation required, this service may take 4-9 hours, cost is $150 per hour.

Hair Extensions

Do you dream about having longer hair, but don't have time to wait for it to grow? At salon laurie, we offer hair extensions! Get a full head of extensions to make your hair longer or just add some hair to make it look thicker and fuller! Whatever look you're dreaming of, our team of specialists can make it come true!

We use the SO.CAP. hair extension system. SO.CAP. offers the best quality hair, & is available in all colors, and combinations of colors. We can match your haircolor, or add pieces for highlights, or dramatic impact!

Call our salon coordinator for a complimentary consultation!

Hair Extension Pricing
Per-strand $15
Full Headfrom$1,3000

We are happy to provide you with a complimentary consultation prior to any service.

We offer off-site event services for your wedding or other special occasion. Prices provided at time of consultation.

Cancellations: Please allow a minimum of 24 hours notice prior to a single service, and 48 hours prior to multiple service appointments to cancel.  Less than this may require a charge for the scheduled services.  Should you have a gift certificate with us, and you do not show up for a scheduled service, without cancelling within these perameters, the amount of your missed service appointment will be deducted from you gift certificate.